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My Opinion on the YOYO Babyzen Footmuff

Footmuff YOYO Babyzen Aqua stroller

Cold weather is approaching! And your baby on board the YOYO stroller is still very young.

How do you protect your baby from the cold while using your YOYO Babyzen stroller?

I know this is all new for most parents, but have you heard of footmuffs?

These large, waterproof covers to protect your baby from the cold in their stroller?

Don’t worry, like you, all of this was completely unknown to me before having a child.

I’m here to help you through my experience as a young dad.

Well, if you’re here, it’s because you already own or are about to own a YOYO stroller.

Excellent choice! 😉

Now, what about accessories to protect your baby from the cold?

Even though the Babyzen brand doesn’t yet sell a YOYO nest, it does sell its approved footmuff for the queen of strollers.

Your baby stays secured with the footmuff in the stroller with the 5-point harness that goes over and stays warm thanks to the sherpa lining.

Enjoy beautiful walks and trips even when it’s cold.

I happen to own a footmuff that I used for my first child and am currently using for my second.

I am very satisfied with this accessory, which is convenient to carry, durable, and also easy to clean.

I’ll tell you more below.

Up to what age can you use the YOYO footmuff? The YOYO footmuff can only be used with the 6+ pack of the Babyzen stroller, you can start using the footmuff from 6 months onwards.

The footmuff measures 90 cm long. Knowing that a 2-year-old child is over 90 cm.

I can tell you that the footmuff is usable until your child is 2 years old.

I stopped using the footmuff at this age for my eldest.

If, like me, you have the YOYO carrycot, the footmuff will be useful from the beginning and until your child is 2 years old.

If you use the 0+ newborn pack, then the footmuff cannot be used with it, and you will start using it with the 6+ pack until your baby is 2 years old.

So, at least for this accessory, you’ll get 1.5 years of use, and at most 2 years.

In the photo, it’s my big boy over two years old. The footmuff is starting to be a bit short, but it works fine 🙂

How to install a footmuff for YOYO, the user manual To put the YOYO footmuff on the stroller with the 6+ pack, it’s very simple ;).

First, install the footmuff on the YOYO seat and thread the harness straps through the footmuff’s slots.

Then, attach the footmuff to the YOYO frame with two straps located at the bottom of the footmuff.

Next, install your child as usual in the 6+ stroller. Close the YOYO harness, and finally, fold and close the footmuff’s cover over your child with the sliding closures.

You can also adjust the hood around your child’s head with the adjustment cord.

The hardest part is threading the harness straps through the footmuff.

And even then, it only takes a maximum of 2 minutes.

If, like me, you want to use the YOYO footmuff as a nest in the carrycot before 6 months.

The YOYO Footmuff in the Carrycot You can easily slide the footmuff into the carrycot.

I can guarantee that your baby will be warm, even warmer than with a nest.

The only downside is that the footmuff is larger than the carrycot.

So, you will have to fold the footmuff a bit, but it works very well.

The YOYO Footmuff in the Car Seat or Infant Carrier That doesn’t work.

It’s already more complicated to install the footmuff in the carrycot, so it becomes impossible in a car seat or infant carrier.

I would advise you to opt for a nest in this case.

Can you fold the YOYO stroller with the footmuff installed? Yes, you can fold the YOYO stroller 6+ pack with the footmuff installed.

You won’t notice the difference with or without the footmuff.

The Babyzen brand’s teams have really done a great job of adapting their accessories.

In the photo below, you can see the folded footmuff on the right with the stroller 😉

What colors are available for the YOYO footmuff? The YOYO footmuff is sold in the 8 main colors of the 0+ newborn pack and 6+ pack.

Here is the list of available colors for the YOYO footmuff:

peppermint footmuff yoyo stone footmuff yoyo (grey) olive footmuff yoyo aqua footmuff yoyo black footmuff yoyo toffee footmuff yoyo ginger footmuff yoyo (pink) taupe footmuff yoyo navy blue footmuff yoyo

There is no YOYO Air France footmuff. You will have to choose the navy blue one, which, by the way, resembles the Air France color from the partnership with the brand.

Moreover, there is also no red YOYO footmuff. This color is not yet available for all of the Babyzen brand’s accessories.

You can find this color for the YOYO Bag, for example.

How to wash the YOYO footmuff? The YOYO footmuff can be machine washed at 30°C. However, I would advise against using the dryer to avoid damaging the lining and padding.

Find your YOYO footmuff on sale? The footmuff is essential for your baby because at some point, it will get cold, and you must protect your baby from the cold.

A winter walk, a cold snap, and there you go, two weeks of illness 😉

Spare yourself these worries and enjoy your child and the joys of parenthood in winter with the YOYO footmuff.

To help you, I’ve found a selection of YOYO footmuffs at the best prices.

What other footmuffs are compatible with the YOYO? If you can’t find what you’re looking for with the footmuff offered by the Babyzen brand, don’t worry.

There are also universal stroller footmuffs, specifically 5-point universal stroller footmuffs that are suitable for the YOYO stroller in the Carrycot and 6+ pack.

These are footmuffs from other brands but adapt to the YOYO stroller’s safety harness in the 6+ pack.

The crucial point for you and your child is to know if the YOYO stroller’s safety harness can pass through the footmuff and still close securely around the baby.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of footmuffs compatible with the YOYO and, above all, approved.

Brogtorl Universal Footmuff: the cheapest but just as effective Kaiser Universal Footmuff: All models from the Kaiser brand are compatible with the YOYO stroller. Red Castle Universal Footmuff: The perfect combination of an attractive price and very good quality.

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