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YOYO Stroller Hook

YOYO Babyzen stroller hooks

Rarely has an accessory been so inexpensive and yet so profitable for your YOYO stroller in everyday life!

I’m talking, of course, about the hooks for the YOYO stroller.

An accessory too often forgotten and yet so essential in daily life.

Let me explain 🙂

Where to buy a YOYO stroller hook?

The Babyzen brand sells its YOYO Bag, which is its transport bag with its official hook for the YOYO stroller.

The problem with the YOYO Bag is that it is sold with a wheel to support the bag. This inflates the price of the Babyzen product.

Honestly, two properly attached hooks will be much more practical and economical.

Here’s a selection of universal hooks adaptable to the YOYO Babyzen stroller.

Why buy hooks for the YOYO stroller?

Because most of the time, when you go for a walk or travel with your baby and the stroller, you will inevitably have a bag with you for the baby or even for yourself!

Here are some examples of use:

Carry your diaper bag with your YOYO Carry your handbag with your YOYO Carry your shopping bag with your YOYO Carry your grocery bag with your YOYO Carry your baby’s toy bag with your YOYO By using the hooks, spare yourself from carrying your heavy bags throughout the walk and save your back.

The YOYO is stable enough to carry additional heavy loads with hooks.

I can guarantee you;), it has never overturned in +3 years of use despite my many travels.

A small accessory, very very useful, and which you are very happy to have when the time comes.

Where to install the hook on the YOYO stroller?

The simplest and most useful way is to install the hooks on the handlebar of the YOYO stroller.

For better stability, I advise you to put two hooks on either side of the handlebar to hang a backpack.

This also prevents you from having your bag in your lap when you roll with the stroller.

The other option would be to put the hook on one side of the stroller at the chassis level.

Just like the YOYO cup holder at the child’s level.

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