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YOYO Color Pack

6+ color pack for YOYO Babyzen stroller

I’ve never changed the color for my two YOYOs, but I know that color packs are available to change the color of your YOYO’s fabrics.

And it’s only the fabric color because if you want to change the color of the frame, also called chassis, then you need to purchase another YOYO frame.

To assist you to the fullest extent, I’ll detail everything about the Babyzen color pack.

On which model of YOYO stroller can I change the color? You can change the color pack of the YOYO stroller only for the 6+ pack.

That’s the version of the YOYO you’ll use the most in your life.

From 6 months to 4 years of your baby’s life.

How do I change the color for the newborn or bassinet YOYO pack? Unfortunately, if you want to change the color of the fabrics for your newborn pack (0+) or your YOYO bassinet, then you need to completely change the product and buy a new one.

There’s no color pack available to only change the fabrics for these two products.

However, you can try to search for the fabric second-hand and change it yourself.

Here’s a video that perfectly explains how to change the color pack of the YOYO.

What are the colors of the YOYO color pack? The colors available in the YOYO color pack are the colors you can find when you purchase your 6+ pack, which are:

YOYO Stone Color Pack (gray) YOYO Aqua Color Pack YOYO Olive Color Pack YOYO Air France Blue Color Pack YOYO Ginger Color Pack (pink) YOYO Toffee Color Pack YOYO Taupe Color Pack YOYO Black Color Pack So, a total of 8 colors for the YOYO color pack.

All the colors of the YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller from the 6+ pack Can I change the color of my YOYO myself? The answer is yes!

Just like with all Babyzen products, you’re autonomous in installing them on your stroller.

If you’ve successfully installed your 6+ pack on your stroller, then it’s exactly the same process for changing the color of your YOYO stroller.

Find your color pack at the best price and cheap below Discover below the best deals for YOYO Babyzen color packs.

Remember, these packs are only compatible with the YOYO 6+ model.

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