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My Opinion on the YOYO Stroller Cover

YOYO Babyzen stroller protection cover

If you’re considering leaving your Babyzen YOYO stroller outdoors, you might be wondering how to protect it from the sun and rain on a daily basis. This will ensure that you can sell your YOYO stroller at a high price later on, as they fetch good prices when in excellent condition (YOYO strollers sell for a good price when in good condition).

I’ll share my experience, particularly that of my friends who leave their YOYO strollers outside all day, especially given that I live in Brittany, where rain and storms are common 😉

Is there an official YOYO stroller cover? Yes and no.

Let me explain.

While there is a rain cover available for the YOYO stroller, the brand does not sell a cover specifically for outdoor use to leave your stroller outside.

However, there are alternatives that my friends use to store their YOYO strollers outdoors without damaging them and protecting them from the sun and rain.

I’ll explain everything below in the article.

What are the different official YOYO stroller protection options? The YOYO Rain Cover This is the official rain protection for your YOYO stroller.

Although it perfectly protects your child from the rain, it does not cover the entire YOYO stroller. Therefore, if you want to leave your YOYO stroller in an uncovered area, the canopy and other fabrics may get wet.

Note that there is a specific and unique YOYO rain cover model depending on your stroller configuration, such as:

  • Newborn Pack 0+
  • 6+ Pack
  • Carrycot Pack

For example, you cannot use the rain cover for the 0+ pack with the 6+ pack. Your child’s legs will be exposed to the rain.

The YOYO Transport Bag The Babyzen brand sells a transport bag for the YOYO stroller, where you can literally store your stroller inside.

The bag is sturdy and very resistant, thus protecting your YOYO from rain and sun on a daily basis.

I’ll share below the official transport bag from the Babyzen brand, as well as an alternative.

What is the best alternative for a YOYO stroller cover? As mentioned earlier, there is no official protective cover for your YOYO stroller.

But I have the solution for you!

This will allow you to store your YOYO stroller outside and protect it well.

Use a bicycle cover If you’ve read a few pages of my site, you’ll know that I often compare using the YOYO to riding a bike. For example, when choosing a lock for the YOYO stroller, I recommend opting for bike locks.

For the protective cover, what could be better than those made for bicycles?

Several of my friends have purchased special waterproof and rainproof bicycle covers that they use for their YOYO strollers.

These protective covers will be much more effective than the simple rain cover sold by the Babyzen brand.

The rain protection from Babyzen protects your child from the rain but not the stroller itself.

Here are some models of covers that I can recommend for your stroller:

  • Use a large-size rain cover for strollers
  • Some unofficial but universal (for all strollers) models of rain protection covers are larger than those sold by the Babyzen brand.
  • This allows you to protect your YOYO from rain and sun.

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