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My Review of the YOYO Stroller Rain Cover

Rain protection for YOYO Babyzen stroller

Rain, the worst enemy of outings and trips with your young children.

Unless, of course, you own the YOYO stroller, accompanied by its rain cover, then it’s a different story altogether.

I live in Brittany, and I can guarantee you that in terms of using this accessory, I must be among the top users.

Indeed, it’s not a myth, it rains very… very often in this region.

Hello to all Bretons reading this page.

I am very satisfied with this accessory, which is practical to carry, resistant, and also easily washable.

I’ll tell you more about it below.

On which model of YOYO stroller can we install the rain cover?

The Babyzen brand offers rain covers for all versions of the YOYO stroller, from the 0+ pack and the baby carrycot to the 6+ pack.

So, three models of rain covers are offered by the brand.

However, the rain covers are not interchangeable between models.

For example, you cannot use a YOYO baby carrycot rain cover for a 6+ pack, and vice versa.

You must therefore take the rain cover corresponding to the configuration of your YOYO and change the cover if you modify the configuration of the stroller.

Be careful because the price is the same for all covers, but they are unique for each configuration of the stroller.

How to install the rain cover on the YOYO baby carrycot?

I have this model, which I used for both of my baby carrycots.

The baby carrycot rain cover installs in 5 seconds, by placing it like a tarpaulin over the YOYO baby carrycot.

It is equipped with elastic edges, allowing it to fit snugly around the YOYO baby carrycot.

How to install the rain cover on the YOYO 0+ pack?

Personally, I have never purchased the YOYO 0+ pack; I have always chosen the baby carrycot pack instead.

Therefore, I have not used the rain cover on this YOYO model.

However, given the shape of the YOYO 0+ model, which is similar to that of the baby carrycot, the installation should be similar to the latter.

So, like a tarpaulin with elastics tightening underneath the YOYO.

How to install the rain cover on the YOYO 6+?

I also own this model 😉

For this one, its installation is different from the baby carrycot and the 0+ pack. Indeed, this rain cover does not have elastic, but rather 4 attachment points.

Two at the top of the stroller, at the level of the buttons to fold the stroller handle.

And two Velcro straps to be placed on the YOYO frame (chassis).

Find your YOYO rain cover on promotion. In your life as a young parent with the YOYO, you will only need to buy two models of rain protection.

Either the rain cover for the baby carrycot and the one for the 6+ pack. Or the rain cover for the 0+ pack and the one for the 6+ pack. I can only recommend this accessory for everyday use.

Don’t let the rain spoil moments with your children.

Oh, and yes, I also use the YOYO rain cover in winter even when it’s not raining to protect my children from the cold.

And one last photo to show you that the rain cover works very well with the YOYO footmuff in the 6+ pack.

But, by the way,
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