"Advice dedicated to young and future parents on buying their YOYO stroller"

Stroller Crash Test:
YOYO Babyzen

“I’m sharing my experience as a young dad with my 2 YOYO Babyzen strollers in daily life, focusing particularly on the stroller in various situations.”

YOYO Babyzen stroller crashtest

The YOYO Babyzen,
In Transportation

Can the stroller fit in different types of transportation?

Well, I’ve personally tested the Babyzen in various modes of transport.

Take a look for yourself below 😊

The YOYO Babyzen,
In Unexpected Situations

Have you considered the stroller in the elevator?

And within your house or apartment, where will you store it daily?

I assure you, I hadn’t anticipated these questions.

Luckily, I chose the YOYO stroller.

Just know that you can’t do better in terms of size and storage.

So, if it doesn’t fit, then no stroller will.