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The Yoyo Stroller in the Car and the Trunk

YOYO stroller in the car and the trunk, what a place takes for the Babyzen compact stroller

Yoyo Stroller in the Car and the Trunk: How Much Space Does the Compact Babyzen Stroller Take?

When I had my first child and hence my first YOYO, I was driving a small Renault CLIO 4.

The trunk was good but not incredible.

Fortunately, I chose a YOYO, and transporting the stroller in the car was never a hassle.

I fold the stroller in 5 seconds, and voilà, it fits in the trunk.

In 10 seconds, it’s done 😉

I can even stack 2 or 3 in my trunk and still have plenty of space left.

Yes, several strollers in the same trunk.

Here’s proof: two YOYOs on the right and an additional YOYO bassinet on the left.

YOYO Babyzen bassinet with two YOYO Babyzen folded strollers

Avoid all daily constraints with your child. And transportation is part of it.

I have a particular thought for a couple of friends who had to fold the front passenger seat to install their stroller (tank, as I call it) all the way in the cabin because… the stroller was too big to fit in the Volkswagen Golf.

Avoid unnecessary clutter with the YOYO stroller!

I hope to help you make the right stroller choice through my experience as a young dad.

Happy reading.

The Stroller That Takes Up No Space in the Trunk

I can assure you that the YOYO, and even two YOYOs at the same time, takes up no space in the car.

Even in small trunks and the frunk of an electric car like a Tesla.

The folded YOYO stroller fits in the trunk of the smallest cars on the market like the Yaris, A1, Twingo, C1, 208, Swift, Mini Cooper, and even the SMART!

So, if you have a city car, get a YOYO and take your stroller everywhere.

The stroller is the size of a cabin suitcase and even thinner when folded.

Your cabin suitcase fits in your trunk? Then, so does the YOYO !

YOYO Babyzen 6+ stroller folded in the trunk of a car with a cabin suitcase

I laugh as I write this, but now I have a large 7-seater vehicle, and I can even put the unfolded YOYO directly in my trunk :).

I just have to fold the handlebar and make sure to apply the brake properly so the stroller doesn’t fall during the journey.

The brake is very powerful because the stroller has never fallen while driving.

YOYO Babyzen stroller unfolded in the trunk of the car

The Stroller That Takes Up No Space in the Car Cabin

The trunk of your car is not the only place where you can transport your YOYO in your car.

Indeed, do you ever put luggage at the passengers’ feet during your trips?

A large bag or a cabin suitcase?

You see where I’m going with this.

Well, the folded YOYO fits very easily at the feet of passengers both in the front and back.

At the rear passengers’ feet:

YOYO Babyzen stroller folded at the level of the car passenger

At the front passengers’ feet:

YOYO 6+ stroller folded and installed at the feet of the front passenger

The Combo: Car Seat + Child on Top + Folded YOYO Stroller at the Child’s Foot = Space Optimization !

YOYO Babyzen 6+ stroller folded in the car at the car seat

Is It Easy to Transport a YOYO in the Car ?

The answer is a big YES!

You can’t do better in terms of size and modularity for a stroller.

I repeat myself, but it will fit in all car trunks.

It’s almost as if it takes up less space than your diaper bag and less than the YOYO bassinet in the car.

Travel with peace of mind with your YOYO stroller.

ZEN for BabyZEN.

But, by the way,
Who am I ?

“A 30-year-old young dad,

embarking on the beautiful adventure of parenthood

and daily joy with my two wonderful children.

A dad who, like you, was discovering the world of parenthood three years ago.

Now, it’s my turn to help you ;)”

The YOYO Babyzen,
In Transportation

Does the stroller also fit in other modes of transportation?

Well, I’ve tested a variety of transports with the Babyzen.

Check it out for yourself below 😊