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The high-quality manufacturing of the
YOYO Stroller

French Pride in Strollers

YOYO Stroller Manufacturing Quality

The YOYO Stroller: A French-Made Product

The YOYO stroller is proudly made in France. Yes, the world’s best stroller is French!

Just take a look at the number of celebrities proudly pushing a YOYO stroller in my “Stars and the YOYO” section.

In three years of use, I have never:

  • Broken a YOYO wheel
  • Torn a fabric from any of the YOYO packs
  • Cracked the YOYO frame

I can guarantee you, despite its lightweight, the stroller is very, very sturdy.

I can tell you the stroller has traveled with me on many journeys. My children also love it because it’s incredibly comfortable.

It’s a must-have among strollers.

Why is the YOYO so popular ?
Here are the other major advantages
of the YOYO