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The Abundance of Colors for the YOYO Stroller

The Most Customizable Stroller in the World !

YOYO BABYZEN color customization

What are the color options for the YOYO stroller ?

Let’s admit it, the colors of the YOYO are modern and beautiful.

The fabric colors are modern and beautiful, ones that you could easily find as accent colors in your child’s nursery.

I immediately appreciated the beautiful colors available for the stroller.

The hardest part will be for you to make a choice.

But let’s not complain about being able to customize a stroller so much.

Plus, if you get tired of one color, you can easily switch it up by purchasing another YOYO 6+ color pack for just $70.

Colors of the black and white chassis of the YOYO Babyzen stroller

What are the color options for the YOYO stroller frame ?

For the chassis, also known as the frame by the Babyzen brand, you can choose between two colors:

  • White Black

Only a portion of the frame changes color based on your choice.

Even if you choose the white pack, the frame will still have some black parts.

The YOYO wheels will always be white, even if you choose the black pack for the stroller frame.

All YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller colors from the 6+ pack

What are the color options for the YOYO stroller ?

The most important choice for you when selecting your newborn pack, 6+ pack, and also the bassinet.

What colors are available for the YOYO?

There are 8 colors available for the YOYO Babyzen stroller.

Here’s the detailed list:

  • YOYO Stone color pack (gray)
  • YOYO Aqua color pack
  • YOYO Olive color pack
  • YOYO Blue Air France color pack
  • YOYO Ginger color pack
  • YOYO Toffee color pack
  • YOYO Taupe color pack
  • YOYO Black color pack

Personally, I have two YOYO Aqua strollers, as they can be used for both girls and boys.

Our guides
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Choosing the color for your YOYO is not an easy task.

Do you want a color that can work for a second child, leaning towards a more unisex color?

Or do you prefer the most popular color?

Here are our guides to help you make the best color choice for your YOYO stroller.

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