"Advice dedicated to young and future parents on buying their YOYO stroller"

YOYO The Best Stroller
And still for more
than 10 years

“I, a young father, have been faithfully accompanied by my 2 YOYO strollers for over 3 years. I’ll introduce myself better below. Enjoy your reading”

YOYO Babyzen stroller unfolded next to a YOYO Pliée stroller

The 100%
French Stroller

"The French luxury"

+ 1 500 000
YOYO sold

"Yes, indeed, and this number will quickly double. +700,000 strollers were sold in 2023"

The international benchmark Stroller

"Even for your favorite Hollywood stars. #strollerofthestars"

But by the way,
Who am I ?

A 30-year-old new dad,

discovering the beautiful adventure of parenthood,

and a happy owner of 2 YOYO strollers for over 3 years that accompany my son, my daughter, and me every day in all our adventures (walks, travels, restaurants, and visits to our loved ones).

YOYO Babyzen stroller worn in the arms with a baby in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in France

Here’s me with my son in one of the favorite villages of the French. Do you know Saint-Cirq-Lapopie ?

Yes, yes, in a village over +1000 years old and preserved from urbanization and wide sidewalks (a dream with a stroller…).

No roads, narrow alleys, and big cobblestones. The perfect combination to discourage young parents… especially with a stroller.

EXCEPT when you own a YOYO stroller from the Babyzen brand.

So, it was an excellent day 🙂 because I am fortunate to have an adorable son but also a stroller that removes constraints every time I go out with my family.

Why am I sharing my opinion
on the YOYO stroller ?

Well, like any new dad, I discovered on the fly what it means to be a parent.

I had never set foot in a children’s store before learning about the birth of my son.

And yes, I am the first brother in a sibling trio of 3 to have a child. Since then, my older brother has also become a dad and a YOYO enthusiast.

He will contribute later on the site to share his experience with strollers and Parisian elevators.

If through my opinion and experiences with this stroller, I can help you choose the best stroller for you and greatly simplify your daily life, then it will be MISSION COMPLETE!

We’re starting now with the 8 reasons to choose this stroller!

Oh, and I'll tell you everything about where to find
the best deals for your YOYO.

8 Good Reasons
to Choose the YOYO Stroller

"The final advantage will surprise you, of course, after discovering the first seven."

Its Small Size

""Small in size but big in exceptional practicality."

Unfolded YOYO Babyzen

YOYO Babyzen stroller unfolded next to a cabin suitcase

Its Height: 41.7 in

The stroller easily fits under a table or stairs.

Additionally, you can fold the handlebar and save another 20 good centimeters.

Its Width: 17.3 in

To put it simply, if your shoulders fit, then it does too. Believe me from my experience, I went to Venice with the YOYO.

I still remember my colleagues and loved ones exclaiming:

“You went to Venice with the YOYO stroller ??!”

Yes, yes, with a YOYO stroller, no problem. In the narrow alleys of Venice, the stroller fit perfectly.

As for me, that’s another story 🙂

Folded YOYO Babyzen

YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller folded with a cabin suitcase next door

Its Height: 20.5 in

Once folded, it’s the size of a backpack.

The YOYO brand even sells a backpack to carry it, that’s how compact the folded stroller is.

Its Width: 17.3 in

Wait, 20.5 in in height and 17.3 in in width ? The size of a cabin suitcase on an airplane ?

Yes, yes, the YOYO is recognized as cabin luggage by most airlines. And it’s the only one accepted by almost all airlines.

Planning to fly with your child ? I’ll be clear, the YOYO is indispensable.

Travel with peace of mind, everywhere, with the YOYO.

Want to put its dimensions to the test ?

"I've tested the YOYO in every situation with supporting photos."

Car, Train, Plane, and even in the narrowest elevators, it fits everywhere.

Its Featherweight

"Number 1 among strollers while being a featherweight."

13.6 lbs for YOYO in the 6+ version.
14.5 lbs for YOYO in the newborn pack version.
17.8 lbs for YOYO in the bassinet version.

"Oh, I might have lost some with the different versions.

Don't worry, I detail all of this in my
YOYO Buying Guide."

YOYO Babyzen stroller with children's bassinet

Let’s get back to the weight.

For our child, my partner wanted a YOYO stroller.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about strollers before.

So, I tested the YOYO in the store and was immediately impressed by its lightness (its design too, but I’ll talk about that later) and its extremely comfortable maneuverability.

To compare with competitors, I also tested other models. What shocked me the most was the weight of the other strollers! I had trouble moving them. I immediately thought of my partner and her slight back issues while projecting myself with the fatigue of becoming a new parent.

Health comes first !

Look at the first photo on the site; I’m carrying the stroller with my child in it. Proof that the stroller is really, but really light.

And yes; I forgot to tell you, but it’s the lightest in its category.

Bonus: For those living at the beach, with its weight, the stroller doesn’t sink into the sand 😉

Its Unparalleled Maneuverability

« Optimal maneuverability, thanks to the combination of a small size and the lightest weight on the market."»

Its small weight and size make the stroller one of the most maneuverable on the market.

Taking a turn or making a U-turn. It slips through everywhere.

So maneuverable that I steer the YOYO with one hand when I take my son out and walk my dog at the same time, with the leash in my other hand.

But its great advantage is that in 5 seconds, you fold the stroller into backpack mode and even less time to open it.

And just one hand to fold and unfold !

Two YOYO Babyzen strollers attached with an adapter

But its great advantage is that in 5 seconds, you fold the stroller into backpack mode and even less time to open it.

And just one hand to fold and unfold!

You’ll love unfolding the stroller with one hand as you get out of the car while holding your child in your arms.

Child’s play that you won’t be able to do without.

If you own a YOYO, there’s no doubt your friends will want to test folding the stroller. They will all be amazed at how easy it is to use.

I can guarantee it.

Still not convinced ?

"I have 5 more strengths in reserve just for you."

Its Long Usability

« 4 years of pleasure and especially without constraints, and even MORE if you use it for a second child like me. »

“From birth to early childhood.”

That’s what the video says. And it’s true!

The YOYO stroller is versatile and grows with your child. Your YOYO will adapt only once during its use, when your child is +6 months.

At the very beginning, and therefore at birth.

You will choose, along with your chassis, either the newborn pack or the bassinet.

During your child’s first 6 months

You replace the newborn pack or the bassinet with the YOYO 6+ pack.

For both phases, you keep the same chassis.

There you go, it’s as simple as that.

YOYO Babyzen stroller Birth Pack Newborn 0+

Newborn Pack (YOYO 0+)
From 0 to 6 months

YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller with the Aqua bassinet pack

Bassinet Pack
From 0 to 6 months

YOYO Babyzen Pack 6+ Aqua stroller

YOYO 6+ Pack
From 6 months to 4 years

You might wonder, why are there two choices at birth?

Well, I explain this nuance in my YOYO buying guide.

Plus, I’ll help you make the right choice based on your current and future needs.

Its Unique and Trendy Design

« A unique design, often imitated but never equaled. »

Let’s be honest, what also adds to the charm of this stroller is its modern and elegant design.

With its clean lines and chic customization colors, it catches the eye. You won’t go unnoticed. The YOYO aesthetically stands out from its competitors.

As Steve Jobs would say about the Mac:

“Mac is a social status.”

For a YOYO, I think it’s about the same. You’ll be proud to own a YOYO, I can guarantee you that.

Becoming parents is expensive, I agree, but also treat yourselves.

YOYO Babyzen stroller, trendy design and modern

Its Customization to Your Image

« More color choices than a new car or an iPhone. »

To say the least, we even talk about “configuring your YOYO stroller.” A term reserved for automobiles where you have the choice of exterior color, interior, and accessories.

Well, for the YOYO, it’s the same, and it’s the only stroller offering so many customizations.

Colors of the black and white chassis of the YOYO Babyzen stroller

2 chassis colors

A 100% black chassis


A two-tone white and black chassis

In both cases, the result is superb. I see as many YOYOs with a white chassis as black.

All YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller colors from the 6+ pack

9 textile colors

This is where the choice gets complicated because all the colors are beautiful and trendy.

“I can’t really tell you which one I see the most in the city.”

Colors, with names worthy of new car colors: ginger, peppermint, toffee, aqua, black, gray, taupe, red, and Air France blue.

“I did tell you that its customization resembles that of a car.”

Your child’s first car. That’s something.

“We chose ‘aqua’ (seafoam green) because we want a second child, and the color is beautiful for both a boy or a girl.

When I talked about a ‘long lifespan,’ well, for us, our only stroller will serve for both our children.

A non-definitive color choice, as you can change it whenever you want #modularity.”

Continuing with the
Last 2 Reasons
to Buy a YOYO Stroller

" My final two arguments to help you make the right choice.

The last one will be like a no-brainer for you."

Its Impressive Robustness

"A stroller designed to last a very long time with an excellent resale value."

In addition to being the lightest on the market, its maneuverability and agility, the stroller doesn’t stop there !

It’s robust!

Both for the fabrics, the frame, and even its wheels !

It has withstood travels by plane, train, and even by boat.

You can change the YOYO’s wheels, but I don’t know how one can break them.

While it rolls every day for 2 years and has rolled in cities where even walking can twist your ankle: Saint-Cyr-La-Popie, the island of Rhodes, and Venice with its numerous bridges and stairs.

Here’s a photo of me and the YOYO in Venice !

YOYO Babyzen stroller in Venice in Italy

Its Price
Yes, its price

Not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but the best for everyday use.”

Yes, you might think the stroller seems expensive? I invite you to reread all these positive points we’ve talked about.

All these positive points where it often takes the number 1 position compared to the competition.

Quality and comfort come at a cost. But here, the price difference is negligible.

Buy tranquility and serenity for only 100 or 200 € more depending on competing models.

And a stroller is bought only once in a lifetime.

If I’ve learned something from becoming a parent, it’s to prioritize everyday comfort so as not to deprive myself.

Fewer constraints equal more projects.

Thanks to the daily comfort that the YOYO stroller will bring you, you won’t deprive yourself of outings, walks, and trips as a couple or with friends.

And yes, don’t forget yourselves as a couple when you have a child.

The word I often hear with other strollers is “hassle.”

The hassle of taking, getting out, and pushing the stroller.

Well, with the YOYO, you can remove all these constraints, and the word “hassle” for others will turn into “joy” for you.

I can tell you honestly, the stroller will never be a negative factor in enjoying your child, quite the opposite.

Treat yourself!

Don’t deprive yourself of the pleasures of life!

And think about your health (your back and shoulders)!

If, however, the price is a determining factor in choosing your stroller, I explain my tips for finding it even cheaper in my YOYO buying guide.

And don’t forget about the resale of the stroller.

Yes, the YOYO stroller resells very well second-hand, unlike the competition.

And there you have it for my opinion on the YOYO.

YOYO Babyzen stroller in Greece in Rhodes

I hope my guide has helped you in choosing your future stroller.

A not-so-easy choice, especially for new parents.

If, through my experiences and explanations, my assistance has been valuable to you, then the mission is accomplished for me.

We already have so much to learn when we become parents.

When I was in your shoes, I would have liked some help in choosing a stroller.

"That's why I felt the need to help you. "

A thought to all the soon-to-be young parents and future grandparents.

I can only wish you to fully experience this beautiful journey and cherish your child as much as I cherish mine.

Thanks for reading all the way through.


François, a French happy young dad with his two children and a YOYO addict”