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A single YOYO stroller
from 0 to 4 years

The most versatile stroller on the market !

YOYO Babyzen stroller from 0 to 4 years old

When to switch strollers ?

This is a question I’ve often heard.

Well, the answer is… you never change your YOYO stroller.

Yes, with the Babyzen brand, you buy the stroller frame just once, then adapt it according to your baby’s age with different packs:

  • The newborn 0+ pack
  • The 6 months and older pack (called 6+)
  • The bassinet pack, optionally instead of the newborn pack

This makes the YOYO the most versatile stroller in the world because you don’t need to buy another stroller as your baby grows.

It can be used from birth with a compatible YOYO car seat and can also be transformed into a stroller for older children.

YOYO Babyzen stroller from 0 to 4 years of use

What age is the YOYO stroller suitable for ?

The YOYO stroller can be used from 0 months to 4 years or when your baby weighs 22 kg.

At 0 months, you can use on the YOYO frame:

  • A YOYO-compatible car seat
  • The newborn bassinet
  • Or the newborn pack

You adjust the YOYO as you wish and according to your needs.

When to change the YOYO bassinet at the 6+ pack, 6 months old

When to switch from the bassinet YOYO to the 6+ pack ?

You can transition your child from the bassinet to the YOYO stroller in the 6+ pack from 6 months onwards.

However, if your child feels too cramped in the bassinet because they are naturally big, you can transition them to the YOYO stroller in the 6+ version at around 4-5 months.

When to change the Newborn YOYO stroller at the 6+ pack, 6 months old

When to switch from the newborn YOYO to the 6+ pack ?

As the name suggests, this is the YOYO 6+ stroller, for children aged 6 months and older or weighing 9 kg.

So, you can put your baby in the YOYO 6+ version when they reach 6 months.

Some big babies can use it as early as 4 months.

I know some parents who will recognize themselves in this situation.

Why is the YOYO so popular ?
Here are the other major advantages
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