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YOYO Stroller Bumper & Guardrail

YOYO Babyzen 6+ bumper for stroller

Bumper for YOYO Babyzen Stroller 6+ Ensure the safety of your child in the YOYO 6+ stroller with a guardrail, also known as a bumper bar or safety bar.

I’m specifically referring to the YOYO 6+ stroller because for the 0+ pack and bassinet, your baby is lying down.

Another significant advantage of having a guardrail is that it allows you to prevent your baby’s hands from wandering during your walks.

Yes, with the installed bumper bar, your child will instinctively place their hands on it and no longer let them roam freely.

This helps avoid potential injuries for your baby.

An accessory often overlooked, yet it can prevent many problems.

Here’s my buying guide for the YOYO stroller bumper bar.

Is there an official Babyzen bumper bar for the YOYO stroller? No, there isn’t an official bumper bar marketed by the Babyzen brand.

However, many brands sell bumper bars that are compatible with the YOYO Babyzen stroller in the 6+ version.

Where can you buy a YOYO stroller guardrail? You can easily find a guardrail for your YOYO stroller online.

These bumper bars fit perfectly with the YOYO.

Here’s a selection of guardrails compatible with the 6+ pack:

How do you install a bumper bar on the YOYO stroller? The bumper bar is installed very easily on the descending frame of the YOYO stroller.

This ensures that the safety bar is at your child’s chest level, providing optimal protection.

Moreover, the guardrail can be folded up, not hindering the baby comfortably seated in the stroller.

Can you fold the YOYO with a bumper bar installed? Yes, you can!

Once the bar is installed on the stroller, you can fold it as usual.

The YOYO rain covers and mosquito nets also fit perfectly with the bumper bar.

Does a YOYO stroller bar protect the baby well? To conclude on the YOYO stroller’s safety bar, I can assure you that it not only provides additional safety against front impacts and prevents mishaps from wandering hands but also offers extra comfort for your baby.

Imagine yourself sitting on a chair without armrests or even a table to place your hands. The position isn’t pleasant.

It’s the same for your baby during long walks in the stroller.

Therefore, I fully recommend using a safety bar for the YOYO stroller and generally for all strollers.

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