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YOYO Babyzen Stroller Cup Holder

Stroller cup for YOYO Babyzen stroller

With the cup holder, Babyzen has thought of everything, even helping us avoid the hassle of searching for our child’s water bottle or carrying it by hand.

I also own this accessory, which isn’t the most essential but can certainly prove useful. It’s especially our children who make us realize that this accessory is quite handy.

Another advantage I can share with you is that by attaching the cup holder close to the child, they can independently refresh themselves, reducing the need for constant requests for water during our outings.

Here’s my take on this accessory, which I hope will assist you in your parenting journey, especially when dealing with thirsty little ones 🙂

How do you install the cup holder on the YOYO stroller? The cup holder installs very easily on the frame (chassis) of the YOYO stroller. It can be attached at 6 different points, 3 on each side, using a sturdy hook provided exclusively for this purpose.

Is the YOYO cup holder essential? The answer is NO.

The rear storage pouch of the YOYO 6+ and/or the storage basket under the baby’s seat are perfect for storing a bottle.

However, for maximum comfort for you and your baby, you can use the cup holder on the stroller, freeing up space and avoiding spills in your stroller.

It happens to me often because I don’t always use the cup holder. I have so many YOYO accessories that I sometimes forget about some.

Another benefit I can attribute to it is that it reminds me more often to give my children something to drink.

Purchase your YOYO stroller cup holder at the best price If you’re looking to get the cup holder from your favorite brand, you can either opt for the official Babyzen model or choose from universal models that fit perfectly with the YOYO stroller.

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