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YOYO Babyzen Stroller Mosquito Net

YOYO Babyzen stroller Mosquito net

Are mosquitoes a problem for you every summer or in your future destination?

Keep in mind that it will be the same for your baby, who will be less able to defend against their attacks as they’ll be strapped into your YOYO stroller.

Fortunately, our favorite stroller brand has thought of everything, including mosquito protection that pairs perfectly with the stroller.

Personally, I hadn’t considered this issue with my babies before seeing the product on the market. It was a mistake that could have cost me dearly, but luckily I purchased a stroller mosquito net, particularly the one from the Babyzen brand.

Why change when I’m satisfied with the other accessories offered by the brand?

I used the mosquito net during my trip to Greece. The region was quite overrun by mosquitoes and other insects in the evening.

Here’s my opinion on this accessory, which I hope will help you in your adventure of being parents and looking after your children in all situations.

Does the YOYO mosquito net effectively protect against mosquitoes?

I can assure you that it does, and not just against mosquitoes.

Consider wasps, ants, and other insects that can slip into the bassinet and into the YOYO stroller.

I think the mosquito net saved me more than once during my travels.

On which YOYO stroller models can we install the mosquito net?

There are mosquito nets for all YOYO models:

YOYO Newborn Pack Mosquito Net

YOYO Bassinet Mosquito Net

YOYO 6+ Pack Mosquito Net

So, three different models, which can only be used for their respective model. Be sure to pay attention to this.

How to install the YOYO mosquito net on the newborn pack 0+?

I don’t have this model of YOYO mosquito net, but I found a video showing you how to install the mosquito net on your newborn pack 0+.

How to install the YOYO mosquito net on the YOYO bassinet?

The same goes for the YOYO bassinet mosquito net; I don’t have this model.

However, I think the mosquito net model must be the easiest of the three to install.

It seems to be installed like the rain cover model for the YOYO bassinet, with an elastic band around the entire perimeter of the mosquito net.

Allowing you to wrap the bassinet and protect your baby.

The bassinet mosquito net has a closure in the middle, allowing you to grab the baby without removing the mosquito net. Quite practical!

How to install the YOYO mosquito net on the 6+ pack?

Unlike the other models, I particularly have this model because I used it during our trip to Greece.

The 6+ mosquito net is installed via 6 locations:

2 at the level of the YOYO handlebar attachments, as with the rain cover

2 others at the level of the YOYO handles.

And via two attachments with strong Velcro on the YOYO chassis, as also for the rain cover.

Thus, the YOYO 6+ mosquito net is installed almost like the 6+ rain cover.

Where to find your YOYO mosquito net at the best price

If you are at risk of encountering mosquitoes with your YOYO, then I can only recommend the YOYO mosquito net.

In your life as a young parent with the YOYO, you only need to buy two models of mosquito nets.

Either the bassinet mosquito net and the one for the 6+ pack

Or the newborn pack 0+ mosquito net and the one for the 6+ pack

I can only recommend this accessory to ensure your peace of mind during your daily life and travels.

As for the choice, feel free to either opt for an official YOYO mosquito net or go for universal stroller mosquito nets that will fit perfectly with all YOYO models.

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