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The Best Automatic Portable Stroller Rockers

Portable automatic rocker for stroller

If you’re on this page, it’s because your adorable baby isn’t very cooperative when it comes to sleeping in the stroller or crib without you being by their side to rock them ?

Don’t worry, I have the MIRACLE solution !

Here, we’ll talk about automatic portable stroller rockers (spoiler alert: they can also be used for cribs or bassinets).

These are small rockers that clip onto the frame or handlebar of any stroller and replicate the movements of a stroller.

Yes, most children wake up in the stroller because it stops moving.

These little automatic rockers create vibrations that mimic the normal rocking motion of a stroller.

Baby will think, “Great, we’re moving again and Mom and Dad are nearby, so I’ll go back to sleep.”

An indispensable ally in everyday life, allowing you to enjoy your “rare” trips, restaurant outings, or visits to friends even more.

I happen to own one, which I’ll detail for you below.

If you’re looking for what’s called an electric baby swing, I’ve just written an article to help you find the best electric baby swings.

Here are the two best automatic and portable stroller rockers.

ROCKIT, the #1 Portable Automatic Stroller Rocker

Automatic rocking stroller ROCKIT installed on the handlebar of a stroller

The number 1 automatic stroller rocker !

It’s also called the “baby rocket for strollers” because the brand and product are so well-known.

I’ve had this rocker for 2 years now, and I’m so glad I do.

The ROCKIT rocker:

  • Fits all strollers
  • Is silent
  • Has a large rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable speed
  • Comes with a support for installation on the stroller

It will be your best ally in getting your baby to sleep during your walks, but also at home.

Yes, many parents use this rocker in their bassinets, prams, and even cribs to put their babies to sleep every night.

The brand even sells individual mounts because parents use the Rockit in so many other situations.

ZAZU ROBBY, the Automatic Stroller Rocker

Another portable automatic stroller rocker, ROBBY is less known but just as effective, with its ability to stop automatically and its cry sensor.

This will help you avoid getting up too often at night to comfort your baby.

ROBBY will be there to support you every day.

  • Robby rocks all strollers
  • Cry sensor for automatic activation
  • Large rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable speed
  • Automatically stops after 40 minutes

Where to Install an Automatic Stroller Rocker ?

The goal of an automatic stroller rocker is to create gentle vibrations, allowing the stroller to mimic the motions of a parent lightly rocking a stroller or gently rolling.

Therefore, the automatic rocker should be installed in a place on the stroller that allows it to mimic these movements.

Usually, the handlebar of the stroller is used to install an automatic baby rocker.

However, clever parents also use this device to rock their children in travel cots or prams.

For example, in the photo below, the rockit is installed on a travel cot:

Automatic rocking stroller ROCKIT installed on a travel cot

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