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Which sidecar for strollers is better than the Buggypod ?

sidecar stroller buggypod

Did you think that the Buggypod sidecar was the number one sidecar for strollers ?

Yes, ‘was’.

What if I told you that there was now a sidecar for a universal stroller that was cheaper and better rated than the Buggypod lite (the model that was the most popular) ?

I’ll explain everything quickly below.

But first, why ‘was number one’ ?

Which sidecar to choose instead of the Buggypod ?

sidecar stroller on a cybex

Well, we’ve seen that the Buggypod is no longer on the market (its name is hard to spell ^^).

But fortunately there is an alternative, which is more popular with sidecar enthusiasts for their single or double Stroller.

There’s only one alternative, because otherwise most of the other products are no longer on the market either…

A niche market, I think, for manufacturers.

But here is the number one model, the Eichhorn sidecar.

  • A universal sidecar that fits all brands of stroller in the world (YOYO, Cybex, Pockit, etc.).
  • Very well noted.
  • Cheaper than the Buggypod lite.
  • What’s more, it has a steering wheel so baby can play when you’re out and about.

No wonder he’s crushing the competition.

Is there a Buggypod sidecar for double strollers ?

sidecar double stroller

A sidecar for a pushchair attaches to the chassis of a stroller.

So he’ll be able to sit on either side of the double stroller.

Right or left, the choice is yours.

and here you are with your sidecar on your double Stroller !

But, by the way,
Who am I ?

“A 30-year-old young dad,

embarking on the beautiful adventure of parenthood

and daily joy with my two wonderful children.

A dad who, like you, was discovering the world of parenthood three years ago.

Now, it’s my turn to help you ;)”

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