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Beach wagons, the buying guide for your best ally at the beach

beach wagons

If you’re reading this article, it’s because the sun is shining 😉 and you’re already imagining yourself at the beach with your family.

But how do you organise the logistics of an afternoon at the beach ?

How can you make the most of your trip to the seaside ?

You’ve seen or heard of a beach wagon.

You think it’s a good choice, and you’re right ;).

Why choose a beach wagon ?

And above all, which model should you choose ?

I’ll share my experience with you 😉

Happy reading and good choice.

The different types of beach wagons

folding beach wagon

What’s the difference between a trailer, cart, trolley and beach wagon ?

Are there trolleys that take up less space ?

I’m often asked these questions ;).

So here are the different types of beach wagons available on the market.

Foldable beach wagons

The best-known and most popular because, like a baby’s umbrella bed, it folds into a square and takes up almost no space in your garage ;).

The beach wagon with roof

As far as he’s concerned, you can see his main purpose straight away.

Transporting children or animals and protecting them with a roof 😉

They are therefore generally more robust and have a higher maximum load.

The 2-wheel beach wagon

It’s more of a two-wheeled hand truck than a trolley.

What’s more, some can be converted into deckchairs.

But the load capacity and payload are lower than for a 4-wheel beach wagon.

The electric beach wagon

There aren’t many brands of electric beach wagons on the market.

They are ideal if you want to carry heavy loads in them.

The beach wagon trailer

The difference ? It can be folded down, making it more robust than canvas.

The latter will be used more for gardening or DIY and secondly for the beach ;).

4 essential points for choosing a good beach wagon

beach wagon with a child inside

Big wheels

The most important factor in choosing a beach wagon is the size of the wheels.

Why is this ?

The bigger the wheels, the better your trolley will roll in the sand.

Here are 4 reasons why large wheels are essential when choosing your trolley:

  1. Pressure distribution: Large wheels have a greater surface area in contact with the sand, which distributes the weight of the trolley over a larger area. This reduces the pressure exerted by the trolley on the sand, allowing the wheels to float above the sand rather than sink into it.
  2. Better traction: Big tyres have more grip on sand, so the beach wagon moves better, even on soft or uneven surfaces. This prevents the wheels from getting stuck or spinning in the sand.
  3. Stability: Large wheels give the truck greater stability, which is essential when transporting heavy loads over unstable ground such as sand. They also reduce the risk of tipping or toppling over, ensuring the safety of your goods.
  4. Easy to manoeuvre: The large wheels make it easier to manoeuvre the trolley on sand, as they reduce rolling resistance. This makes the trolley easier to push or pull, even on difficult sandy surfaces.

Maximum supported weight

Another decisive factor is the maximum weight the truck can support.

In fact, I recommend a 220 lb load for your trolley.

Because your beach wagon won’t just be used on the beach, and will have to carry heavy loads from time to time.

And at the beach, I can already see your 60 lb child sitting in it.

What will be your main use for the trolley ?

And yes, ask yourself this important question.

Would you like a trolley for gardening and DIY, as well as for going to the beach and shopping ?

Or vice versa ?

Depending on your priorities, I recommend adjusting the robustness of your trolley.

More robust and solid for gardening and DIY.

More practical and lighter for the beach.

At least +25 gallons capacity

Yes, because the trolley will fill up very quickly, especially if your child and your dog decide to sit in it.

25 gallons is perfect for a trolley.

Which brands sell beach wagons ?

beach wagon with child

There are several well-known brands selling beach wagons around the world. Here are some of the popular brands:

  1. Rio Brands: Rio Brands offers a range of robust, versatile beach wagons to suit different needs and budgets.
  2. Mac Sports: This brand offers foldable, easy-to-transport beach wagons, often with all-terrain wheels for use on the sand.
  3. Tommy Bahama: Known for its relaxed lifestyle and quality products, Tommy Bahama also offers stylish and functional beach wagons.
  4. Wonder Wheeler: Specialising in beach wagons, this brand offers a variety of options, including models with beverage holders and insulated compartments.
  5. BeachMall: BeachMall offers a wide selection of beach wagons, from simple models to multifunctional wagons with practical accessories.
  6. Wheeleez: This brand is renowned for its beach wagons with special wheels designed to navigate easily on sand.
  7. Caddie Buddy : Offering robust and durable beach wagons, Caddie Buddy focuses on ease of use and functionality.
  8. Wheeled Wonder: This brand focuses on designing top-of-the-range beach wagons with innovative features to make your days at the beach more enjoyable.
  9. Beach Cart XL: Specialising in high-capacity beach wagons, this brand offers robust options for transporting all your beach equipment in one go.
  10. BeachMates: Designed for convenience and ease of use, BeachMates beach wagons are known for their solid construction and practical features.
  11. Wheeleasy: This brand offers versatile beach wagons with specially designed wheels for easy traction on sand, making it easy to transport your belongings to the beach.
  12. Sea Striker : Specialising in fishing and beach equipment, Sea Striker offers a range of durable and functional beach wagons to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
  13. Beach Wagon: This brand offers a selection of spacious, sturdy beach wagons, ideal for transporting chairs, parasols, coolers and other beach equipment.
  14. BeachMobil: Known for its stylish and practical beach wagons, BeachMobil offers lightweight and compact options to make it easy to transport your belongings on the sand.
  15. Tommy Docks: Specialising in beach accessories and equipment, this brand offers sturdy, well-designed beach wagons to simplify your beach outings.

Why choose a beach wagon rather than a Stroller for the beach ?

As the owner of two YOYO strollers that I often take to the beach, I also have a beach wagon and here are the advantages of choosing a beach wagon rather than a stroller for going to the beach:

  1. Protect your Stroller from wear and tear caused by sand: Sand gets in everywhere and damages your beautiful Stroller that you use every day. It’s like going to the beach with a nice bike… I’d rather take a less beautiful bike that I’ll only use to go to the beach. My main bike will always be in perfect condition because it won’t get damaged on the beach. The same goes for the Stroller.
  2. More storage and carrying capacity: Oh yes, you’re already imagining yourself at the beach with all the toys and bags for your baby. You’re going to need room to store all those accessories and toys. With the trolley, space will no longer be a problem ;).
  3. Optimised for rolling in the sand: Although many strollers can roll in the sand, they are more optimised for rolling on hard ground. With a beach wagon, there’s no risk of getting stuck with the big wheels ;).

Can I use my beach wagon elsewhere than on the beach ?

The answer is a resounding YES !

Which makes this a great everyday accessory that will quickly pay for itself.

The beach wagon will be used for gardening, DIY, and I’ve even seen them at jumble sales to carry all your purchases.

There are many uses for it.

That’s why some retailers refer to beach wagons as folding trolleys or garden trolleys.

Can I put my child in the beach wagon ?

beach wagon with dog

The answer is a resounding YES !

I see lots of parents putting their children and their dogs in the beach wagons.

Most models can carry more than 220 lb, so it’ll be easy to transport your child.

There’s just no safety harness, but the trolley is deep enough to keep your child safe and snug.

But, by the way,
Who am I ?

“A 30-year-old young dad,

embarking on the beautiful adventure of parenthood

and daily joy with my two wonderful children.

A dad who, like you, was discovering the world of parenthood three years ago.

Now, it’s my turn to help you ;)”

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