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Universal buggy board, which model to choose and for which stroller ?

universal stroller buggy board

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Yes, but here’s the thing,

How can I avoid investing in a second Stroller ?

Or in a double Stroller so you can take your two children out at the same time ?

Fortunately, there is an accessory to solve this problem 😉

The buggy board for strollers !

A useful little accessory that will not only save you money, but will also save you a lot of time out and about with your children.

Oh yes, you see that situation where the eldest says he wants to walk all the way but halfway through he wants the stroller or the arms…

HOP with your board installed, your eldest will be able to sit on it and you’ll be able to continue your ride without crying or your child dragging his feet ^^ (yes, I’ve been in this situation several times).

Now how do you choose the right buggy board for your stroller ?

How do I install the universal buggy board on my Stroller ?

And many other questions.

I’m here to answer any questions.

What’s the difference between a board, a skateboard, a step stool and a skateboard ?

There is no difference between these four terms.

They all mean an accessory that fits onto the chassis of an original stroller, allowing a second child to be transported.

The term “buggy board” is most often used for this accessory.

What are the different types of universal buggy boards ?

To my knowledge, there are 4 types of universal buggy board.

Oh yes, there’s another bonus at the end of the article which is also very interesting.

The 2-wheeled buggy board with seat

Enfant assis sur la Board de la poussette YOYO Babyzen

The most common model and the most popular with parents, because it’s practical, folds up and doesn’t take up too much space.

The 4-wheel buggy board with wheelchair

buggy board platform on a YOYO stroller

Optimum comfort for your child, allowing him to rest and take naps during your outings.

The Stroller platform

This accessory is reserved for older children, as your older child will need to hold on to the chassis of the Stroller throughout your outing.

(Bonus) Buggy boards with light-up wheels 🙂

How do I fit a buggy board on a stroller ?

universal buggy board on a stroller

Whether it’s your YOYO, CYBEX, BĂŠbĂŠ confort, Chicco or Maxi Cosi stroller, the universal buggy board will fit all models in the same way.

There will just be a difference between the fasteners.

Some will be scratchbuilt, others with clips.

The board is fitted to the rear frame of your stroller via two height and width adjustable ‘links’, so it can be adapted to all stroller frames.

In just two minutes, you can get your universal buggy board on and off your favourite stroller.

So to sum up:

  • 2 articulated arms that fit onto the rear frame of all strollers
  • Height and width adjustable to fit all strollers, even double strollers

Can the buggy board be folded onto the stroller ?

Most models with a seat can be folded onto the top of your Stroller.

This means you can continue to use your Stroller without the board and, above all, without having to dismantle the accessory each time.

YOYO Board noted at the back of a YOYO 6+ stroller

How much does a universal buggy board cost ?

On average, a “good” buggy board for a universal stroller will cost between 40 GBP and 50 GBP.

There are models available at lower prices, but they are generally not highly rated.

Is there an alternative to the universal board for a stroller ?

sidecar stroller on a cybex

The answer is YES !

A brand is marketing a sidecar for Strollers.

What are these advantages ?

Well, it’s also a universal accessory, which means it can be fitted to any stroller in the world.

What’s more, it offers a unique level of comfort for parents with its side-mounted fixing system, which means they don’t have to hold the sidecar at their feet.

It also offers optimum comfort for your child, with its backrest and safety harness so your child can nap in comfort.

This is not the case with a step stool, where for most models, your child will have to constantly concentrate on sitting down.

Is it possible to modify the seat on the universal buggy board ?

Do you find the seat of your board uncomfortable for your child ?

Well, the BeCool brand has responded to your needs by offering more comfortable seats that can be adapted to all models of buggy board.

How old do you have to be to use a buggy board for a stroller ?

Most buggy boards can support up to 25kg, which means your child will generally be up to 7/8 years old.

So you’ll easily get a return on your investment over the years.

Can the buggy board be fitted to the front of the stroller ?

So the answer is YES you can, but I would strongly advise against it.

Why is this ?

Because your vision of your taller child on the buggy board will be obstructed by the stroller.

As a result, you won’t be able to keep a proper eye on things, so you won’t be able to anticipate and avoid injuries and accidents.

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