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YOYO Babyzen Adapters

YOYO Babyzen stroller adapter

I’ll admit, it’s not easy to navigate through all the adapters compatible with the Babyzen YOYO stroller. Some are used for a car seat, others for the infant carrier, and still others for accessories and modular elements of the stroller. Even on the Babyzen website, it’s not very clear regarding the packs and what they contain. Does the pack include the adapter to install the accessory on the YOYO stroller frame? Or do I need to buy this adapter separately? Fortunately, I’ve tested most of these adapters for several years, and I hope to help you in your search and questions. Happy reading.

Where do all the adapters attach to the YOYO stroller?

YOYO adapters always serve the same purpose: to add an element directly to the frame of the YOYO stroller, allowing you to roll with the new element on the YOYO stroller. Therefore, the adapters are always fixed in the same place on the YOYO stroller frame, specifically on the frame at the level of the “YOYO” logo.

Adapter for attaching a car seat to the YOYO stroller

Car seat adapters for YOYO allow you to install the YOYO car seat (called the Car Seat) or a compatible Babyzen car seat directly onto the frame of the YOYO stroller. Without these adapters, you cannot use a car seat on the stroller. With the YOYO, it’s possible to roll with both the stroller and the car seat installed. This is very useful for taking your baby out of the car directly with the car seat and installing it directly on the stroller via the adapters already installed on it. So if you want to use a car seat directly on the YOYO stroller frame, you’ll need an adapter, whether for the official Babyzen car seat or a compatible car seat.

Adapter for attaching the YOYO carrycot to the stroller

The YOYO carrycot adapters, also known as the YOYO cot adapters, are used to install the carrycot directly onto the frame of the YOYO stroller. Without these adapters, you cannot use the YOYO carrycot on the stroller. And only on a stroller frame. Many people ask me if there is an adapter to put the YOYO carrycot in the car? This is prohibited and dangerous for your child! Back to the YOYO adapters. These adapters are included with the purchase of a YOYO carrycot, so you don’t need to purchase them separately. Except for installing a carrycot on the YOYO Duo Connect stroller. Here you will need two specific adapters that are sold separately.

Adapter for carrycot on YOYO Classic Chassis

If you buy a new YOYO carrycot, then they are included with the pack. However, if you buy a used carrycot, you may need these additional adapters if they are not available in the used lot:

Adapter for carrycot on YOYO Connect

You want to use the carrycot on a YOYO double stroller, the YOYO Connect? Since it’s a different chassis than the classic YOYO chassis, you absolutely need adapters that are specific to the Connect.

Where to buy YOYO adapters at the best price.

In summary, some adapters are included with the packs, while others, more specific, need to be purchased separately.

List of YOYO adapters included in a YOYO pack:

  • YOYO Cosy Adapter (carrycot)
  • YOYO Umbrella Adapter
  • YOYO Cup Holder Adapter
  • YOYO Board Adapter
  • YOYO Bag Adapter

List of YOYO adapters to buy separately:

  • YOYO Car Seat Adapter
  • YOYO Connect Carrycot Adapter

Discover below the best offers for all YOYO adapters:

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