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My Opinion on the YOYO Stroller Phone Holder

Phone support for a YOYO Babyzen stroller

In the series of accessories for your stroller that are not essential but very useful in daily life, here is the phone holder for the stroller.

This accessory, just like the YOYO stroller cup holder, allows you to secure an object using the stroller’s frame, particularly your mobile phone.

Just as bike phone holders exist, when we’re strolling, we’re not moving as fast (even though the YOYO is like a little go-kart), so we can make better use of our phone.

It’s very convenient when traveling in an unfamiliar city and you’re looking for a destination ;).

Is there a YOYO stroller phone holder?

There is no official phone holder for the YOYO stroller.

However, you can find phone mounts for strollers that are compatible with the YOYO frame.

Here’s a selection of phone mounts compatible with the YOYO stroller and also with other stroller models.

Where to attach the phone holder on the stroller?

Most parents attach the phone holder to the middle of the stroller handlebar.

It’s ideal for video calls or making a call when you don’t have AirPods.

Installation is simple for most models. You just clip the phone holder onto the handlebar, and you’re done.

In winter, when it’s cold, there are even mittens for the YOYO with a pocket to place and use the phone while keeping your hands warm.

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