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YOYO Stroller Headrest and Neck Support

Baby head rest for YOYO Babyzen stroller

So, you own a YOYO, or you’re about to get one 😉

And you’re looking to:

  • Elevate your baby’s head between 0 and 6 months in your YOYO stroller
  • Provide more comfort and support for your little one’s head

Well, I recommend a 0+ headrest, also known as a head cushion or head support, for your baby that you can use in the YOYO Babyzen 0+ stroller, which is the newborn pack.

You can continue to use it in the YOYO 6+ for added comfort for your baby, even if they can hold their head up independently.

To assist you, here’s my guide to help you find and choose the right headrest for the YOYO stroller.

Is there an official Babyzen headrest for the YOYO stroller? As of now, there isn’t an official headrest or neck support from the YOYO Babyzen brand.

However, many brands offer this product and it fits perfectly with the YOYO.

For better support in the stroller, I recommend ring-shaped headrests that perfectly fit your baby’s neck, providing them with maximum comfort.

It’s like travel pillows but for babies. 🍼

But, by the way,
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