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My Review of the YOYO Sheepskin Accessory

Sheepskin for a YOYO Babyzen stroller

As the cold weather approaches, you want to fully enjoy your outings with your YOYO stroller and your baby. The sheepskin for the YOYO stroller is designed to make your walks pleasant even in cold weather. Your baby will be protected from the cold, allowing you to fully enjoy all your outings.

But where can you find a sheepskin that fits the YOYO stroller? Let me explain.

Does Babyzen offer an official sheepskin for the YOYO stroller?

No, the Babyzen brand does not market an official sheepskin for the YOYO stroller. However, the brand offers an alternative, which is the YOYO footmuff. The footmuff is lined with padding to protect the baby from the cold and also envelops the baby in protection against the rain. However, some children don’t like being placed inside it because they feel trapped. This is the case for my son;).

Where to buy a sheepskin for the YOYO stroller?

You can easily find a selection of sheepskins adaptable to the YOYO stroller online. Indeed, many competitors have seen the potential of offering this product that the Babyzen brand does not market. Moreover, some competitors offer sheepskins that are also adaptable to car seats. The YOYO footmuff, on the other hand, cannot be adapted to a car seat. Here is a selection that I recommend:

How to install a sheepskin on my YOYO stroller?

Like the YOYO footmuff, sheepskins adaptable to strollers have notches that allow you to pass all the straps of the YOYO harness. So, you need to:

  1. Install the sheepskin in the stroller.
  2. Place the baby in the stroller.
  3. Fasten the 5-point harness of the stroller. Then, simply buckle your baby into the stroller.

What’s the difference between a sheepskin seat liner and a simple sheepskin?

The sheepskin seat liner will simply be a bit thicker and larger than a simple sheepskin for your stroller. It will have an additional role as a cushion for the seat and the comfort of your child.

Example of sheepskin seat liners:

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