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YOYO Babyzen Stroller Mittens

YOYO Babyzen stroller mittens gloves

Cold weather, one of the worst enemies of winter strolls with your children, especially for the hands holding the stroller.

Fortunately, our favorite stroller brand offers a pair of mittens, also called mitts (because they don’t have separate sections for each finger).

These mittens are something I use a lot as I take a stroll with my children and my YOYO strollers every day, even in winter and rain.

These gloves for the YOYO stroller have become essential, especially with the YOYO rain cover.

I live in Brittany, and I can assure you that cold and rain are no joke here.

Ideal conditions to test this accessory from the Babyzen brand.

Do the YOYO stroller gloves withstand the cold and rain? The YOYO stroller gloves hold up very well in the cold with their fleece lining and double layer of padding. They also hold up well in the rain thanks to the treated water-repellent material.

Even in heavy rain, my hands have never gotten wet.

How are the mittens installed on the YOYO stroller? I had never seen anything like it before, but the stroller mittens attach very easily to the handlebar of the YOYO stroller, regardless of the model.

The gloves are attached to the handlebar with Velcro. I can assure you that the attachments work perfectly and are very sturdy.

I have never lost one of the two mittens.

By the way, as I write this page, winter is coming to Brittany, and I will be taking out my daughter’s stroller gloves.

What colors are available for YOYO mittens? There is only one color available: black with white fleece lining for YOYO stroller mittens.

However, the model is becoming more and more popular.

So I think that in the coming years, we will see new colors come onto the market.

How do you maintain and wash YOYO gloves? The gloves are very easy to wash in the machine. Wash them at 30 degrees, and your gloves will be as good as new.

Plus, with all the loads of black clothes, they won’t be out of place. The mittens will go perfectly with all your other black clothes.

Buy your YOYO stroller mittens at the best price I can only recommend these gloves for winter. With these mittens, there are even fewer excuses not to take a beautiful stroll, even in winter.

After all, you can choose either the official Babyzen brand gloves or mittens adapted to another brand’s stroller.

As a Breton, I highly, highly recommend this product.

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