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YOYO Babyzen Stroller Bag

YOYO Bag of the Babyzen stroller

Yes, you read the page title correctly.

The YOYO stroller is so lightweight, maneuverable, and adaptable that it fits into a stroller bag!

Yes, indeed, it’s a backpack because you can carry your stroller on your back.

Admit it, it’s not common for a stroller.

Imagine the surprise on people’s faces when they see you pull a stroller out of your backpack.

The WOW effect is guaranteed.

Here’s my opinion on this accessory that I’ve used several times during my travels.

I hope to help you make the right choice through this feedback.

Can the YOYO stroller bag fit in the airplane?

Just like the YOYO stroller itself on the plane, the stroller bag that carries the YOYO also qualifies as cabin baggage on most airlines.

So, you won’t have to pay extra to transport your well-protected YOYO in its travel bag.

With dimensions of 44 cm x 45 cm x 22 cm, it’s indeed considered cabin baggage.

And yes, it’s the same for buses and trains. The bag can fit under your seat.

Which YOYO models can I store in the YOYO bag?

I think you can guess the answer if you’ve read through this website carefully?

All YOYO models can fit into the transport bag, except for the bassinet, which is too large.

Thus, both the YOYO newborn 0+ pack and the 6+ pack can be stored and protected within the stroller bag.

How much does the YOYO stroller bag weigh with the YOYO inside?

The YOYO stroller backpack weighs 1.2 kg when empty. The YOYO weighs:

6.2 kg for the YOYO in the 6+ version 6.6 kg for the YOYO in the newborn pack version Therefore, your YOYO stroller bag, once loaded, will weigh either 7.4 kg or 7.8 kg.

Find your YOYO stroller bag at the best price

I can only recommend the YOYO stroller bag. For protecting the stroller while traveling and also carrying it on your back instead of pushing it all the time, this accessory is truly very useful.

Discover below the best offers for YOYO Babyzen stroller bags.

I recommend this product 100%.

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