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YOYO Stroller Handlebar Extension

Handlebar extension and extension on a YOYO Babyzen stroller

If you’re on this page, it’s likely that you’re either a proud dad or a loving mom with a YOYO stroller. Perhaps you’ve found that the handlebar of the YOYO stroller is a bit too low for your comfort. Do you need an extension for the handles?

Or maybe you own a YOYO Board or a YOYO Bag and you want more clearance to avoid being obstructed by this accessory?

In either case, a handlebar extension, also known as an extension handlebar, for your YOYO stroller will be the best solution for you and your back.

To help you make the right choice of handlebar extension, here’s my guide that I’m sharing with you 🙂

Is there an official handlebar extension for the YOYO stroller? Unfortunately, the Babyzen brand does not sell handlebar extensions for the YOYO stroller.

But to your delight, there are universal handlebar extensions available that fit perfectly with the YOYO and its original handlebar.

This allows you to gain those few extra centimeters for a more comfortable stroll with the stroller.

How do you install a handlebar extension for the YOYO? It’s very simple; most models clip onto the original handlebar of the YOYO via two hooks.

Once installed and depending on the selected model, you can adjust the height of the new handlebar.

Say goodbye to backaches if you find the handlebar of the YOYO too low for you.

This accessory will allow you to enjoy long walks with your baby without compromising your health.

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