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Stroller Arch & Mobile YOYO

YOYO Babyzen stroller arch

Does Babyzen brand have an official mobile ?

Does Babyzen brand have an official mobile? Unfortunately, Babyzen brand does not offer a mobile specifically for its YOYO stroller.

The brand mainly focuses on comfort accessories for us parents and children.

But when it comes to entertainment, the brand doesn’t provide many options.

Fortunately for us, most activity arches are compatible with the YOYO stroller.

Let me explain 😉

Which arch for the YOYO stroller ?

Here, it’s up to you to choose, and there are plenty of options.

Treat yourself.

Just a piece of advice, you’ve chosen the most beautiful stroller, so I still recommend selecting a nice arch that will harmonize with the stroller’s design 😉

It’s like having a beautiful car and using overly saturated and neon accessories.

I don’t recommend it 😉

As long as the arch you choose has a mounting support like:

Clamps Fixing clips Strings (which I personally use) Then it will be compatible with the YOYO stroller.

So, you can go for:

Spiral arches for strollers:

Very easy to install and remove when you want to move it, for example, onto a car seat or into your child’s bed.

They wrap directly around the handlebar.

Plus, some of them make music ;).

Clip-on arches for strollers:

These arches are very easy to install, either on the canopy, on the sides of the stroller, or on the handlebar (I discuss this further below).

Where to install the activity arch on the YOYO stroller ?

For me, there are two preferred locations to install an arch on the YOYO stroller.

But feel free to find other tricks to install the mobile wherever you want on the YOYO.

With all the accessories you can add to the stroller, it’s possible to add even more possibilities.

Install the activity arch on the canopy

Ark on the Canopy stroller YOYO Babyzen

The canopy is the top part of the YOYO.

The fabric that folds and unfolds to protect your baby from the sun and wind.

Since the canopy is at the right height, it’s very easy to attach an arch directly so your child can enjoy their favorite toys.

That’s how I use it.

Install the activity arch on a guardrail for the YOYO stroller

Combine usefulness with pleasure.

Protection and playing enjoyment.

Attach the mobile directly to a YOYO guardrail, also called a bumper bar and handlebar.

This YOYO stroller guardrail serves both as shock protection for your child (bumper) and as a hand rest. Your child won’t have the urge to let their hands roam. They’ll have the reflex to place them directly on the bar.

I can assure you that this will prevent many small hand injuries.

Take an example that often happens to me: hands catching clothes in stores while you’re pushing the stroller at the same time. OUCH!

Plus, the bumper is very easy to install on the YOYO stroller frame.

Allowing the bar to be at your child’s chest level.

So, an ideal position to install your child’s favorite arch.

But, by the way,
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