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Baby Stroller Fan – My Review

Portable fan for baby stroller

It’s hot outside, and you’re worried that your baby might get cranky and not enjoy stroller rides this summer.

You’ve already installed a sunshade, but it feels like an oven inside the stroller.

What solution is left to ensure your outings aren’t ruined in the heat?

Have you ever heard of baby stroller fans, especially those designed for strollers?

A USB-powered and battery-operated fan that attaches to your stroller, providing your baby with cool air for over 10 hours.

I happen to own one of these fans for years, which I’ve used on my YOYO stroller, although all models are universal and suitable for all strollers.

Here’s my guide and advice for choosing the best stroller fan.

Is a fan good for a baby?

A fan for your baby can only bring benefits. Among the numerous advantages of having a fan for your baby, here are three that I find most relevant:

  1. Beating the heat during summer and heatwaves. That’s its main function.
  2. Providing white noise that babies love, helping them sleep better in the stroller.
  3. Offering an entertaining accessory that babies can touch and play with.

How to choose the best stroller fan?

There are many options for choosing a stroller fan online, ranging from good to bad.

To help you make the right choice, here are five key elements I recommend for an optimal stroller fan that you can also use at home:

  1. Fan with blades: A fan with blades will always be more efficient than more stylish fans like those from the Dyson brand.
  2. Flexible and versatile tripod: Allows you to mount the fan on various surfaces. I recommend a foldable tripod.
  3. 720° rotation: Allows vertical and horizontal adjustment of the fan for your baby in all situations.
  4. High-capacity battery: Minimum 3000mAh for use depending on the selected mode, between 3 and 15 hours.
  5. Choice of fan speed: Ideal for adjusting according to the heat and your baby’s needs.

Where to install the fan on your stroller?

For this, I’ll base it on a YOYO stroller, the best-selling stroller model worldwide.

To provide your baby with cool air while using the stroller, there are two preferred locations:

  1. Install the fan on the stroller’s guardrail: The YOYO guardrail is ideal for mounting the fan. It has enough surface area for you to choose to either install the fan directly facing the baby or on one side.
  2. Install the fan on the stroller’s chassis: Your stroller has descending bars on the sides. An ideal choice for attaching the fan and directing it toward your baby. Moreover, if your baby tends to touch the mini fan too much, you can place it higher to keep it out of reach of their curious hands.

How does a mini stroller fan work?

Most mini stroller fans operate on battery power and recharge via a USB port.

It takes between 2 and 3 hours to fully charge the baby stroller fan.

After that, depending on the battery’s power and the fan’s rotation mode, the battery can last between 3 and 15 hours.

So, pay attention to the battery capacity. The higher it is, the longer the stroller fan will last.

Where to buy a stroller fan?

I discovered this accessory for my YOYO stroller while browsing on Amazon.

Personally, I’ve never seen one in a store.

So, I recommend looking at online shopping sites to make your selection.

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