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YOYO Babyzen Stroller Parasol

YOYO Babyzen stroller with an aqua parasol

As the warmer days approach, so does the sun.

The perfect time to take your child on a trip aboard their YOYO stroller.

But one thing threatens to spoil the fun: the sun and its UV rays on your child.

Fortunately, our favorite stroller brand has created an anti-UV umbrella specifically for our sunny outings, the YOYO Special UV Protection Umbrella.

But how effective is this sun protection for the stroller?

I own a sun protection umbrella for my YOYO, specifically the Babyzen YOYO umbrella.

A gift that proves to be very, very practical when the beautiful days arrive and during our sunny trips.

These good times will be rare with your baby.

So make sure everything goes well for your baby and yourself.

Here is my detailed opinion and my feedback on the YOYO umbrella.

I hope it can help you.

Does the YOYO anti-UV umbrella effectively protect from the sun?

After several years of use, I have never had sunburns on my child during stroller rides.

Even in Greece and Italy in the middle of summer where it is sunny all day (unlike Brittany where I live).

With its UPF 50+ protection, which is the highest sun protection rating achieved and means that the YOYO umbrella protects covered areas up to 97.5% against UV-A and UVB radiation.

It’s hard to do better in protection.

Umbrella + Sunscreen in summer, the perfect combo for a serene stroll with your stroller and baby all day.

How to attach the YOYO Babyzen umbrella?

Yes, as you can read, we are indeed talking about attaching the umbrella, that is, attaching it and not touching it anymore.

And thus, fully enjoy your stroll with your baby in the middle of summer.

Via an attachment, supplied with the umbrella, it attaches very easily to the frame (chassis) of the YOYO stroller.

And this on all YOYO models:

Newborn Pack 0+

Bassinet Pack

6+ Pack

And even the car seat

Once installed, all you have to do is tilt the parasol to protect your child from the sun and UV rays.

What colors are available for the YOYO umbrella?

There are 9 colors of YOYO stroller umbrellas.

YOYO aqua umbrella

YOYO taupe umbrella

YOYO peppermint umbrella

YOYO black umbrella

YOYO toffee umbrella

YOYO Air France (navy blue) umbrella

YOYO ginger (pink) umbrella

YOYO stone (gray) umbrella

YOYO olive umbrella

So one more color than the colors of the fabrics in the YOYO 6+ pack and/or the bassinet. Indeed, the color “peppermint” is not present in the YOYO 6+ pack and/or bassinet.

Be careful not to make a mistake if you want to match the umbrella to the colors of your YOYO stroller.

And for your information, the most requested color is the YOYO aqua umbrella. This is the one I personally use to match the fabric of my YOYO 6+ pack and my bassinet.

Is the YOYO umbrella also a YOYO umbrella?

The YOYO umbrella is not an umbrella for your YOYO stroller.

So where can you find a YOYO umbrella?

There is no Babyzen brand umbrella for your YOYO. This product is not yet marketed by the brand.

Ask yourself a question, do you use your parasol as an umbrella?

And your umbrella as a parasol in summer?

The answer is NO.

To protect baby from the sun, opt for the YOYO umbrella.

To protect baby from the rain, opt for the YOYO stroller rain cover.

Where to find an umbrella for the YOYO stroller?

Well, I can only advise you to equip yourself with an anti-UV umbrella for your YOYO stroller, especially to protect your baby during the sunny days.

Moreover, when they are small and therefore in the stroller, believe me, they hate having the slightest sun in their eyes.

With the YOYO umbrella, protect your child from the sun and yourself from your baby’s cries when they have the sun in their eyes.

I recommend it 100%.

You can either choose an Official YOYO Babyzen umbrella or a universal stroller umbrella that will perfectly fit your YOYO.

But, by the way,
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