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My Opinion on the YOYO Babyzen Stroller Skis

YOYO Babyzen stroller ski

Great news, you’re preparing for your ski trip.

But now that you have a baby and therefore a stroller, how do you enjoy your stay while taking your baby for a stroll in the YOYO stroller?

Even though the stroller is very lightweight and has thin wheels, it may still sink into the snow.

Fortunately, our favorite stroller brand has created the essential accessory for our ski trips, which are “removable skis.”

An accessory that I’ve used several times for my winter trips.

I’m not a ski pro going multiple times a year, but I go occasionally and I had the same problem as you… How do you do it with kids? And especially, how do you do it with a stroller?

Can you ski with the YOYO stroller skis?

I’ve often been asked this question during my ski trips.

The skis are only meant to transport the stroller on the slopes and in the snow. You cannot ski or snowboard with the YOYO stroller, even with the skis.

Imagine the consequences of a fall, not for you but for your baby.

How to install the skis on the YOYO stroller?

Nothing could be simpler, the skis can be installed in a minute by clipping them onto the front wheels of all strollers in the YOYO range.

Indeed, there’s only one type of wheel, so there’s only one type of YOYO ski to clip onto it.

Just clip and unclip them, no adjustments needed. It’s very easy.

Are the YOYO skis compatible with all YOYO strollers?

The YOYO skis are compatible with all models of YOYO strollers from the Babyzen brand, namely:

The 0+ pack The Bassinet pack The 6+ pack However, the YOYO skis are not compatible with the YOYO Connect. Indeed, the latter does not have front wheels.

No wheels, no skis.

Can you fold the YOYO stroller with the skis on the wheels?

The answer is still YES. You can easily fold the YOYO stroller as usual, even with the skis installed on the wheels.

No need to wonder anymore, where am I going to store the skis after using them?

Buy your YOYO stroller skis at the best price

Well, I can only recommend the YOYO stroller skis.

They’ve been very useful for my ski trips and I’ve never had any problems with them.

I recommend them 100%.

Then you have the choice in terms of skis for your YOYO stroller. Indeed, there are many universal stroller skis available that fit perfectly with the YOYO stroller, especially the front wheels.

But, by the way,
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