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YOYO Bag Babyzen

YOYO Babyzen bag sac

Believe me from my experience, we never have enough space or storage everywhere (home, car, and even the stroller).

Although the Babyzen stroller is very well optimized, it quickly becomes overrun by your child’s toys, his changing gear, and your own belongings.

If you already have the cup holder on your YOYO stroller but you want even more space to do your shopping, for example?

The YOYO Bag is made for you ;). But be careful not to confuse it with the backpack, which is made to transport the entire stroller.

Here, I’m talking about having an additional storage of 10kg that accompanies you and also rolls with the stroller.

Yes, the bag rolls with a wheel.

It’s much more practical than it seems.

So here’s my opinion on this product that I’ve owned for several years ;).

Why does the YOYO Bag have a wheel? The YOYO Bag comes with a wheel to carry the bag without affecting the maneuverability of the YOYO and to follow the movement of the stroller.

I advise against attaching the YOYO Bag without installing the wheel.

Indeed, your stroller would lose all its stability and maneuverability.

The YOYO Bag can support an additional load of 10kg.

How to install the YOYO Bag? Like the YOYO Connect and the YOYO Board, which I’ve already mentioned on the website, the YOYO Bag uses the same hooks located at the rear wheels of the YOYO stroller.

HOP, two clicks and there you go, the YOYO Bag is installed in just 2 minutes.

The bag, which rests on the wheel, is very easy to install via two hooks that are attached to the handlebar of the YOYO.

The two hooks are provided with the YOYO Bag pack.

You can see them at the bottom near the instructions in the photo.

Can the stroller be folded with the YOYO Bag? Yes, the YOYO stroller can be folded and unfolded with the YOYO Bag installed on the stroller.

You won’t notice the difference when folding the YOYO stroller with or without the bag in place.

The wheel of the YOYO Bag has the same base as that of the board, and like the latter, you can fold the YOYO stroller.

What are the available colors of the YOYO Bag? The YOYO bag comes in 11 colors. It has all the colors of the different packs of the YOYO stroller with one additional color. There are more colors of YOYO Bag than for any other accessory from the Babyzen brand.

Here is the list of available colors of the YOYO Bag:

YOYO Bag Stone (grey) YOYO Bag Aqua YOYO Bag Olive YOYO Bag Black YOYO Bag Red YOYO Bag Ginger (pink) YOYO Bag Toffee YOYO Bag Taupe YOYO Bag Navy Blue YOYO Bag Grey YOYO Bag Peppermint

Is the YOYO Bag a diaper bag? Officially, the YOYO Bag is just a high-quality bag from the Babyzen brand, but it can very well be used as a diaper bag.

A diaper bag is nothing more than a bag with compartments or not, allowing you to carry the items to change your child.

The YOYO Bag can very well be used as a diaper bag.

I personally use it as a diaper bag for several years.

My opinion on the YOYO Bag Babyzen? But how good is this backpack on its skateboard?

Well, I can tell you that it has saved me in several situations and during my travels.

This addition of “space” is always welcome when we need it.

Plus, as we saw earlier, I use it to carry all the changing stuff for my kids.

You need a bag, so take a bag that is suitable for the YOYO stroller.

Its ingenious system with the wheel offers excellent maneuverability of the stroller despite a large load in the bag.

You and your baby will not be affected by driving with the YOYO Bag.

A drive that you can still do with one hand!

Do you know many strollers that can be steered with one hand?

I don’t 😉

After all, if you already have a YOYO skateboard, you can achieve the same result without spending your money ;).

Find your YOYO Bag at the best price Just like the cup holder in our favorite brand, this YOYO Bag is also a success.

With its look of an Eastpak, it also catches the eye.

To help you make the right choice, here are the YOYO Bags at the best prices found on the web.

Happy shopping to you, and remember to take care of your back every day.

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