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Is there a sidecar for a YOYO stroller ?

sidecar stroller YOYO

The answer is NO.

YOYO Babyzen does not sell a sidecar for a stroller under its own name.

She only sells her YOYO board, a rear-mounted buggy board.

But there is a solution ;).

Let me explain.

How do I fit a sidecar on a YOYO stroller ?

To do this, you need a sidecar (also known as a buggypod) from another brand.

More specifically, the number one sidecar still sold in the world is the Uptown Rider from Eichhorn.

A universal sidecar that attaches to the frame of the YOYO stroller using a hook.

In other words, it’s universal, because the sidecar even works with double strollers.

I can only recommend this accessory, unlike a board which is :

  • More comfortable for your child as it is held in place by a harness and backrest
  • It’s more comfortable to ride because it’s on the side rather than in front of you like a board. So your feet won’t get caught in the sidecar.

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