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Where to Find the Serial Number and Model of the YOYO Stroller

The unique serial number of the YOYO can be found in two locations:

  1. On the back of a label located near the basket on the left side. On the front, you’ll find the YOYO Babyzen logo, and on the back, the serial number of the stroller.
  2. On the fourth cover of the “YOYO stroller user guide” delivered with your stroller.

Similar to a car’s VIN code, this number is unique to your YOYO.

What Does the YOYO Serial Number Look Like ?

YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller find serial number

The YOYO stroller’s serial number always starts with “K” and is composed of 13 digits.

Example: K10230-1402873

It should be provided to Babyzen in case of a dispute or if your stroller is stolen, allowing for identification.

The serial number, along with the YOYO warranty number, will be requested when you wish to activate the YOYO warranty for any products from the YOYO Babyzen brand.

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