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Which color of YOYO stroller should you choose for a boy ?

YOYO babyzen stroller color Air France boy

Congratulations on your baby boy!

And also, congratulations on choosing a YOYO Babyzen stroller for your son. You won’t regret it.

Now, which color of YOYO stroller should you choose for your baby boy ?

Here’s my guide to the available colors and the ones I would choose for a baby boy.

Choosing the right color of YOYO stroller for a boy

There are 9 colors of YOYO stroller available.

Fortunately, unlike choosing a YOYO stroller color for a girl, I can tell you that 8 out of 9 colors are perfect for a baby boy.

Naturally, only the “GINGER” color, which is pink, would not be the best choice for your son.

So, here are the top best colors for your YOYO stroller, in my opinion:

  • BLUE AIR FRANCE: This color is a perfect choice for a baby boy.
  • TAUPE: Often referred to as “beige,” this color is also a great choice for a boy.
  • AQUA: This elegant and gender-neutral YOYO Stroller color is very practical, especially if you plan to have more children. It’s the one I have for my son and daughter.
  • BLACK: A classic choice that is commonly seen in cities like Nice and Paris.
  • OLIVE: Also known as light green, this color is another suitable option

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