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Is there a 3-wheel YOYO Babyzen stroller ?

Today, no 3-wheel strollers are being marketed by the Babyzen brand. However, this was not always the case.

Indeed, the brand began selling foldable 3-wheel strollers that were, like the YOYO, revolutionary!

The video is over 9 years old, and as you can see, it was not called YOYO but ZEN.

In the same type of 3-wheel stroller, here is the Babyzen RECARO, which is even older.

See for yourself, the video is from 12 years ago.

Currently, there is a YOYO with 2 wheels. Specifically, the YOYO Connect allows you to transform a single YOYO stroller into a double stroller.

Why doesn’t the 3-wheel Babyzen model exist anymore?

From experience, a 4-wheel stroller provides better stability and maneuverability.

And thus, better safety. This is essential for the French brand Babyzen.

It’s not for nothing that cars have 4 wheels and not 3.

The model was quickly withdrawn from the market to make way for the YOYO stroller with 4 wheels.

Where to find YOYO Babyzen 3-wheel models? You won’t find them new.

However, I suggest checking the second-hand market where a few ZEN or RECARO listings are available for sale.

Happy shopping to you.

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