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Is the YOYO a Umbrella Stroller or Compact Stroller ?

Is the YOYO stroller considered an umbrella stroller ?

The YOYO stroller is not officially classified as an umbrella stroller, but rather as a compact urban stroller.

By definition, an umbrella stroller meets all these needs for parents:

1/ Lightweight stroller

2/ Easily transportable

3/ With a quick and easy folding mechanism

4/ And shaped like an umbrella when folded

For the first three definitions, the YOYO is the best stroller on the market.

However, only the folding mechanism of the YOYO is different, and furthermore, the YOYO stroller is much more resistant and robust than an umbrella stroller.

Once folded, the YOYO is much, much shorter than an umbrella stroller.

And therefore, it takes up less space!

A great advantage for storing the YOYO Babyzen in the car or at home, or even at a restaurant.

Example of a folded YOYO stroller :

YOYO Babyzen 6+ stroller, folded on its own on the ground

And here is a model of a folded umbrella stroller :

Folded cane stroller

Is the YOYO stroller a compact stroller ?

Is the YOYO stroller a compact stroller? As we have seen above and with the photos, the YOYO stroller is more compact when folded.

Therefore, the YOYO is more compared to a compact stroller because of:

1/ The shape of the fold, which does not resemble an umbrella

2/ Its low volume when unfolded

YOYO Babyzen stroller unfolded next to a cabin suitcase

The YOYO stroller is nicknamed the queen of compacts.

Often imitated, but never equaled.

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