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Are there armrests for the YOYO Babyzen stroller ?

armrest protection bar for YOYO Babyzen stroller

Yes, there are armrests for YOYO strollers, but they are not sold by the official BABYZEN brand.

The armrests for YOYO strollers are an accessory in the form of a YOYO stroller bar, allowing baby to rest his hands on the support bar for greater comfort.

So if there are no official Babyzen armrests, where can you find one for your YOYO stroller ?

Let me explain.

Where can you buy armrests for your YOYO stroller ?

It’s easy to find armrests for your YOYO stroller online.

Protection bars that double up as armrests and fit the YOYO perfectly.

Most of these accessories are universal, meaning they can be fitted to any stroller in the world.

Here is a selection of bars compatible with the 6+ pack:

Where to fit the armrests on a YOYO stroller

YOYO Babyzen stroller with an installed protective bar

As you can see, the bar is fitted to the frame of the YOYO stroller.

It is installed via two small adaptors that clip easily onto either side of the chassis.

What’s more, you can even raise the bar to let baby in and out of the Stroller.

Can the YOYO be folded with the armrests installed ?

YOYO stroller with protection bar bumper installed and folded.

The answer is yes !

You can fold the YOYO stroller into a square with the armrests fitted.

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