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Can we adjust the handlebar height on a YOYO stroller?

You cannot adjust the height of the handlebar on the YOYO stroller. It folds to collapse the stroller and also to remove it, but you cannot adjust its height. This can be very convenient for maneuvering through tight spaces like elevators.

Here’s the YOYO Babyzen 6+ with the handlebar folded down.

YOYO Babyzen 6+ Stroller folding handlebars

I personally measure 74 inches, and the handlebar height is perfect for me as well as for my partner, who measures 64 inches

At what height is the handlebar located on the YOYO stroller?

The handlebar of the YOYO Babyzen is situated at a height of 106 cm, which is the average height found on all stroller brands.

However, unlike the competition, the handlebar of the YOYO is incredibly comfortable and very durable over time.

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