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Which skateboards and buggy boards are compatible with the YOYO stroller ?

universal buggy board compatible with YOYO stroller

You want to keep your YOYO stroller when your second child arrives.

But don’t you want to spend €120 on a YOYO buggy board ?

A buggy board that will allow you to carry your older child on your outings and save you having to buy a second stroller or a double pushchair.

Yes, but is it possible to fit a non-Babyzen accessory to the Stroller ?

If so, which ones ?

Let me explain !

Can I fit another brand of buggy board on the YOYO Babyzen stroller ?

The answer is yes if it’s a universal buggy board.

In other words, a buggy board that can be fitted to any stroller in the world, even double strollers.

There’s something for every taste and price.

From a simple platform for your child to stand on, to a sidecar for a stroller, there’s a wide range of accessories to meet your needs that can be fitted to your YOYO stroller.

Example with a universal buggy board for another brand of stroller, but installed on the YOYO.

universal buggy board installed on a YOYO Babyzen stroller

Do I need an adapter to fit the universal buggy board on my YOYO stroller ?

No, you don’t need an extra adapter to install the universal boad on your beautiful YOYO stroller.

The buggy boards are fitted to the flaps of the rear frame of the Stroller using solid Velcro fasteners or clips around the frame bars.

That’s why they’re universal, as they can be adapted to all stroller frame diameters.

buggy board platform on a YOYO stroller

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