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Best Color for YOYO Stroller

All YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller colors from the 6+ pack

All the colors of YOYO 2 Babyzen stroller from the 6+ pack Are you looking to buy a beautiful YOYO stroller?

Firstly, congratulations! It’s an excellent choice of stroller, and you won’t regret it. However, you still have a crucial and difficult choice to make: what color for the YOYO stroller ?

To help you decide, I’ll base it on the number of Google searches for each available color for sale.

So, what will be the most searched color on the internet and therefore the best according to internet users?

What are the best-selling colors for the YOYO stroller ?

Here’s the top 5 best colors for the YOYO Babyzen stroller. We’ll only focus on the 6+ pack because there’s one additional color for the YOYO parasol.

  • In first place #1: YOYO stroller in BLUE AIR FRANCE color
  • In second place #2: YOYO stroller in TAUPE color

The color is more commonly referred to as “beige” by internet users.

  • In third place #3: YOYO stroller in GINGER color

The color is more commonly referred to as “pink” by internet users.

  • In fourth place #4: YOYO stroller in BLACK color

One of the colors I see most often in Rennes and Paris.

  • In fifth place #5: YOYO stroller in OLIVE color

Also referred to as light green by internet users.

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